Three Springs, Huntingdon County Pennsylvania

Established in 1843

Three Springs and Saltillo, PA

Three Springs is a borough in Huntingdon County, PA. It was established in 1843. The narrow-gauge¬†East Broad Top Railroad¬†was constructed through the community in 1874. A small yard and station were located here, and a tank farm and scrap yard were serviced. The tracks have been out of service since 1956 but are still in place and owned by the railroad.

Three Springs is in southern Huntingdon County, sitting at the base of the south end of Jacks Mountain. Spring Creek and North Spring Branch flow through the borough, joining just southeast of the borough limits to form Three Springs Creek, an east-flowing tributary of Aughwick Creek and part of the Juniata River watershed. Sinking Run, another tributary of Three Springs Creek, flows through the eastern part of the borough.

Pennsylvania Route 994 runs through the center of the borough, leading northeast 6 miles (10 km) to Rockhill and west-northwest 20 miles (32 km) to Entriken. Pennsylvania Route 829 leads from the center of Three Springs 2 miles (3 km) northwest to Saltillo, and Pennsylvania Route 747 leads north-northeast 14 miles (23 km) to Mount Union at the Juniata River.

Saltillo was named after the Mexican War Battle of Saltillo (23 October 1840). It was a major tanning center during the late 19th andearly20th centuries. The Leas and McVitty Tannery was located here, known for quality hides. The main line of the East Broad Top Railroad (EBT) was built through Saltillo in 1874. The railroad served the tannery as well as a short-lived iron mine and an equally short-lived limestone quarry, both just southeast of town.

Saltillo was an important place on the EBT, acting as a base station for the long grade up to Broad Top Mountain. The EBT had a three-track yard, a station, a water tank and a turning wye located here. Just after the turn of the 20th century a large Ganister quarry was established above Saltillo on Jacks Mountain by Mount Union Refractories (later United States Refractories and North American Refractories) to supply their plant in Mount Union, Pennsylvania. In 1942 a spur was built from the EBT yard in Saltillo, which climbed the mountain to a tipple below the quarry. The branch was the steepest track on the EBT and remained in service until the line closed in 1956. The quarry continued to operate into the 1970s, served by trucks. The EBT tracks in Saltillo are still in place.

Three Springs, PA and Saltillo, PA

The pictures are of the Three Springs Saltillo Area

The pictures featured below are mostly from the Jackson Township Historical Preservation. They so graciously allowed the Huntingdon County History & Heritage Roundtable permission to use their collections.

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Church Street Three Springs
Coal Miners From The Joller Mine
Candy Factory in Three Springs
Filling Bottles at The Mineral Spring
First National Bank and Park's Store
Young Ladis Photo 1900s
Grist Mill Water Wheel Saltillo 1914
Grist Mill Rear Saltillo
Grist Mill Saltillo
Iron Spring Hotel Saltillo
LaPalace Hotel in Saltillo
Grist Mill Dam Saltillo
Main Street Three Springs 1911
Mobile Gas Station Three Springs
Mort Atlantic Service Station Three Springs
NARCO Quarry near Three Springs
Hustons Store Three Springs
Interior view of Hustons Store Three Springs
Oak Street Saltillo 1920s
Old Mill Dam Saltillo
Panoramic view Saltill
Aerial view Saltillo
Main Street Saltillo
Main Street Saltillo 1912
Park Economy Store Three Springs
Photography Studio Three Springs 1900s
Main Street Three Springs 1907
Three Springs 1908
Pike Place Lunch and Esso Gas Station in Three Springs
Riding Motorcycles Three Spings Area
Shoe Salesman in Three Springs
Wible Bottling Works in Three Springs
Workman Burr Feed Mill Saltillo
Digging Saltillo Water Line
EBT Station Saltillo
Top of Town Hill in Three Springs
EBT Train Saltillo
Early View of Main Street Saltillo
Huston Store Three Springs 1920-1930sk
Kerling Chevrolet Garage Three Springs
Wilson Hotel Three Springs 1908
Steam Tractor Saltillo 1911